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What is a PIC (Prior Informed Consent)

PIC Prior Informed Consent

For the purpose, the "Competent National Authorities" that are entitled to provide the authorisation for access to MGRs will be called "PIC-providers"24.
The PIC document or the PIC record contains:

  1. the names and addresses of the PIC-applicant and the PIC-provider;

  2. a confirmation of the authority exercised by the PIC-provider;

  3. a confirmation of the precise scope of the PIC (cf. annexed PIC-application, area of sampling, when possible information related to the MGRs to be accessed);

  4. a reference to the national legislation concerning the PIC, whether this national legislation is related to an international convention (such as the CBD and the Nagoya Protocol) or not; all relevant legislation to be made accessible and explained via the ABS Clearing House (NP article 6)

  5.  according to Nagoya Protocol Article 9, information about disposition, if any, taken for the ex situ preservation of the samples and reference to the terms of deposit, as indicated in a Material Acquisition Agreement;

  6.  when relevant, the permission of right holder(s) (such as landowner/bare owner and-or usufructuary/ beneficiary).